Kiguversary and Sad Thoughts

It’s been 4 years since I decided to start being an a part-time anime person and I don’t regret it. There have a been a ton of people that I’ve met through this hobby that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The fact that I got into it as the Covid19 epidemic was starting to sweep across the globe makes my start more memorable. I typically focus on those people that got me into the hobby but some of those people are no longer with us which is always a somber thought. Today I’d like to honor them here.

Cici Jean Wynn:

Cici wasn’t too talkative with me but did help me so much and I’ll always be grateful for Millicent (my purple hair mask). Because she made masks, she was always a good resource for me when I was trying to figure out a cosplay or where I could buy something. We spoke about a lot of things and kigged together on EzCapeChat (it’s gone now too). I only wish I’d gotten a chance to meet her at an Anime North convention and thank her in person for giving me this gift of confidence but alas it was not meant to be 🌹

Rosie Kigu

Rosie was one of those people who I got on with like a house on fire. We shared a love of archery and games and played a bunch of Risk Of Rain 2 together. She was also super helpful when it came to getting myself sorted in those early months while the pandemic was raging and resources for a new kig were scarce. We became fairly close and had even made some plans to meet but she was taken from us too soon.

Besides being my friends, they were also close to each other. The irony is that they passed within mere months of each other. The nature of the internet is such that people will begin to leave these digital tombstones and that can’t be avoided and shouldn’t be ignored. I want them to live on in the hearts of those they touched and I hope that wherever they are right now, that they can see the lasting impact they left on those they touched and me specifically.







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