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It’s been really difficult to post things on social media and by that I mean X, formally Twitter. I had hitched my horse up to that particular cart and I kind of regret it? Like, I don’t know what I expected by doing that as no social media platform is safe from upheaval (see Tumblr).

The current crop of platforms leave a lot to be desired:

  • Bluesky is too new to be widespread and requires people to have invite codes still to register although it feels like it could shape up to be a good replacement for X/Twitter
  • Threads seems like an also-ran by Meta and while setting it up was a breeze since I have an Instagram account, it feels… oddly hollow. Also I don’t trust Zuck anymore than Elon
  • Instagram/Facebook are still viable and I lump them together because they are both about the same for me and kinda bleh
  • Flickr lol
  • Mastadon seemed to have promise and I’m not against using it per se but it feels a bit more complicated than what I wanted to use (at least at the time. Perhaps I should give it more of a shot)
  • Hive looked fun but there was some sort of breach early on and what I read about their security gave me some real pause (not that I intend to share a lot of personal information on there but still)
  • Tumblr is ok. It used to be the wild west and while that had it’s pros and cons, the current site is good but for like one major thing: if you mention you’re trans on there your post gets flagged as mature which is… detestable. Hoping they figure that out soon because it’s not right

All that said, I realize that I having a social presence is like a job by itself and while I can opt in (or out) as much as I want, I feel like there’s been less incentive to put anything up because of the weirdness that’s happening now. I won’t make any promises about posting more or writing more stuff here but I continue to not forget I have this frivolous site. Anyway, thanks for being here 💜

A closeup of jenny making a heart with her thumb and pointer fingers around her left eye.






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