I made a website because I can

  • Dura

    I have had my Final Fantasy XI character for many years and she’s special to me. Cosplaying her was one of those things that I didn’t think I could ever do and truly never thought about until I started looking at this hobby. It’s weird spending time staring at her back, running down dungeon corridors…

  • Anime North is complete

    I had a blast at Anime North (again) and there were even more people there this time. While the con schedule left me a bit tired every (burning the candle at both ends) I can confidently say I’m going next year. It’s super nice to catch up with friends and I managed to take some…

  • I made it to Canada!

    If you see me at the con, just whisper “Silver Truffles” to me and I’ll give you a code for 10% off any order of $50 dollars or more at your favorite fast food restaurant!

  • Is this… spring?

    It feels like sometimes spring never wants to show up or perhaps it’s very short. This year, I’ve noticed flowers blooming and such but the one thing I haven’t seen much of is rain. I love rain with a capital el. Simply can’t get enough of it and these showerless months have been pretty disappointing.…

  • Seems I’ve already forgotten you

    My original goal was to update this space with my musings on a daily basis but I seem to have piled far too much on my plate these days. I think it’ll be semi-regularly so as to not alienate the one or two people that might happen to click a link on twitter. I mean,…

  • On understanding

    and this happens especially when I don’t give context before I start talking, alienating everyone. You can’t read my mind? Do better!

  • I done it!

    A full day of this site existing! I feel highly accomplished and pleased with myself. It’s been a rousing success in every possible way and I’m elated that you’re reading this (yes, you) because that means you can also bask in this quickly growing mega-site. I think I’ll celebrate with some treats. In more topical…

  • Anime North

    I’m going to Anime North! I’ll be hanging out with a bunch more bobble headed people! Feel free to come by and take a picture with us and I hope to see you all there!

  • So I made a website…

    I’m always in the habit of starting things on a whim and never quite completing things. I don’t know how much I’ll update this but I wanted it so I got it and that’s just how things work 😅 Also, I wrote this with A.I. And by A.I., I mean sleep deprivation.

A picture of a kigurumi performer with purple hair and a green lolita style dress.

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